Estimating external costs of electricity production:
Dialogue with industry and NGOs

Ecole des Mines de Paris, France, 10th and 11th May 2005

Sponsored by the European Commission

Workshop Programme and Presentations

  Tuesday, 10th May 2005:
9:30 h Registration  
10:00 h Session I: MAXIMA and ExternE: Background
Welcome address
Objective of the workshop
ExternE method and its history

Prof. Dr. Rainer Friedrich, University of Stuttgart
11:15 h Session II: Elements of the Method
Health impacts caused by air pollution
Monetization of environmental and
health externalitites

Uncertainty, variability and gaps
Dr. Ari Rabl, Ecole des Mines de Paris
Dr. Brigitte Desaigues, University of Paris I
Dr. Ari Rabl, Ecole des Mines de Paris
13:45 h Session III: Results and stakeholder response up to date
Overview of ExternE results and
Frequent criticisms of the methodology
Structured discussion on ExternE method and results
Prof. Dr. Rainer Friedrich, University of Stuttgart

  Wednesday, 11th May 2005:
9:00 h Session IV: Internalisation and its difficulties
Internalisation of external costs for electricity generation
Internalisation and carbon abatement costs
Nonmonetised impacts
Dr. Alberto Longo, University of Bath
Bob van der Zwaan, Energy Research Center of the Netherlands (ECN)
Robert Gould, HELIO
11:00 h Session V: Theory to Practice
Impacts of global warming and their assessment
Cost-benefit analysis for preparing EU directives
A view from industry's perspective
Some analysis of the CAFE CBA
Dr. Richard Tol, University of Hamburg
Dr. Mike Holland, Econometrics Research and Consulting (EMRC), UK
Jean-Charles Galland, EURELECTRIC
Lourens Post, CONCAWE
14:00 h Session VI: Improving ExternE and its application
Improving the ExternE methodology: Current plans and potential
Structured discussion on improving ExternE method and applying results
Prof. Dr. Rainer Friedrich, University of Stuttgart
16:30 h Adjourn  

Background paper
"Identification of options and policy instruments for the internalisation of external costs of electricity generation"
Dr. Alberto Longo and Prof. Dr. Anil Markandya, University of Bath