External costs of energy
and their internalisation in Europe

Dialogue with industry, NGO, and policy-makers

Friday, 9 December 2005
European Commission, Charlemagne building (Room S1), Brussels

Some impressions from the meeting

Programme and Presentations

8:30 h Registration / Welcome and agenda
  Session I - ExternE: Background and status Chairman: Michel Poireau, Director, European Commission, DG Research
9:00 h ExternE methodology and results Prof. Dr. Rainer Friedrich, University of Stuttgart
9:20 h Improvements on the qualification of external costs Dr. Andrea Ricci, ISIS, Rome
9:40 h Questions from Stakeholders  
10:00 h Summary of the stakeholders concerns Dr. Ari, Rabl, Ecole des Mines de Paris
10:20 h Extending the external costs framework Prof. Anil Markandya, University of Bath
10:40 h Questions from Stakeholders  
11:00 h Coffee  
  Session II: Using external cost estimates to support EU policies Chairman: Pierre Valette, Acting Director, European Commission, DG Research
11:20 h Economic assessment and sustainable development Mark Hayden, European Commission, DG Economic and Financial Affairs
11:30 h Impact assessment of the European thematic strategy on air pollution Matti Vainio, European Commission, DG Environment
11:40 h Fiscal instruments for internalising external costs Katri Kosonen, DG Taxation and Customs Union
11:50 h Questions from Stakeholders  
12:10 h Renewable energy sources and technologies Beatriz Yordi, European Commission, DG Energy and Transport
12:20 h Sustainable trans-European transport networks Catharina Sikow-Magny, European Commission, DG Energy and Transport
12:30 h Cost-effective internalisation and international competitiveness Dominique Simonis, European Commission, DG Enterprise
12:40 h Questions from Stakeholders  
12:50 h Conclusions Domenico Rossetti di Valdalbero, European Commission, DG Research

The ExternE methodology update of the series ExternE - Externalities of Energy that has been presented at this seminar can be downloaded here as PDF file (287 pages, 3.7 MB)